CORE Philosophy

Handling a lawsuit and propelling a case into the best position for trial or resolution requires intensity, energy, creativity, determination and a solid CORE.

Our clients are thrust into the middle of a storm through the litigation they face. The purpose of that storm, created by the the other side, is to create anxiety, stress, frustration and uncertainty. We are proud to stand strong against that storm, to provide a solid CORE, or foundation if you will, for our clients. This ability, to provide a strong foundation, allows our clients to trust us and lean on us, so that they can focus on and evaluate the elements of the case, rather than the emotion that the other side is attempting to create. As a result, our clients are able to make decisions based upon the case itself rather than based upon emotion.

At our CORE we are proactive and methodically move a case forward by being assertive and focusing on the procedural aspects of the case, the evidentiary concerns in the case and finally, the facts of the case; rather than simply responding to the moves of the other side. We affirmatively look for creative solutions rather than simply moving things from point A to point B in response to the actions of the other side. Moreover, we communicate with our clients to determine their goals in the case and discuss the available options to achieve those goals in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

We have seen those lawyers who move forward full steam ahead, incurring tens of thousands of dollars in costs, despite the fact that the client's goal is to resolve the case and a more efficient solution could have been reached in lieu of inflating the fees. We have also seen those lawyers who move from point A to point B with no seeming strategy in place and only after incurring tens of thousands of dollars in costs do they finally appear to examine what the appropriate strategy for resolution of the case (trial or settlement or outright dismissal) might be and how they can effectively get to that point. By maintaining the CORE concept, by maintaining our integrity, by maintaining the intense desire to champion our clients, we avoid being either of those sets of lawyers and provide true value and a solid foundation for our clients.

This philosophy/concept is born out of an intense belief that we are on the right side of things. We have worked with many good people and companies who have been sued unjustly and whose lives and bottom lines have been affected as a result of the lawsuit. Conversely, we have represented good people and companies who have needed an advocate to bring suit. Many Plaintiff's attorneys have said, "Kimberly, you are a true believer, aren't you?" The answer is and always will be "Yes." This Firm is made of people who believe that our clients need a team to stand up for them. A team willing to enforce the Rules of Civil Procedure, a team willing to use the Rules of Evidence advantageously, a team with the intense desire to be proactive rather than reactive. A team that believes there is a solution to problems and that one must work tirelessly to place clients in a position where the solution to their problem is attainable. A team who gets it -- who sees the point in doing something the right way simply because it is the right way to do things. We are that team.

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